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Medical Products

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Great products from a company that cares (NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list. Other items are available. We can also dropship orders directly to our clients and handle all required paperwork!)

Wheelchairs Lifts and Slings Homecare Beds
Manual wheelchairs (foldable)
Powered wheelchairs
Detachable seat frames
Telescoping front end wheelchairs
Pediatric wheelchairs
Lift chairs, Geri chairs
Bariatric/heavyduty wheelchairs
Electric scooters
Transport wheelchairs
Wheelchair accessories also available
Our lifts assortment include:
two way/three way lift chairs
Hoyer lifts
Bathroom lifts
Ceiling lifts
Trapeze barsOur slings include:
Divided leg slings
Mesh/solid full body slings
Manual beds with/without rails
Semi electric beds
Fully electric beds
Bariatric beds (supports weight up to 600lbs)
Accessories available:
Overbed tables
Mattresses/mattress covers & pads
Side rails
Diabetic Supplies Mobility Products Respiratory Products
Sharp disposable containers
Nutritional supplements
IV supplies
Orthopedic supplies
Single/dual release walkers
Folding adjustable walkers (with/without wheels)
Light weight 4 wheel walkers with seats/breaks
Heavy-duty walkers
Platform walkers
Hemi walkers
Rollators (3 or 4 wheels)
Canes-quad canes (small/large base)
Adjustable canes
Folding /travel canes
Accessories also available
Nebulizers (pediatric/adults)
Pulse Oximeters
Suction Equipment /Containers
Cpap machines
Trachiostomies/trach supplies
Personal Products Urology / Incontinent Products Ostomy Products
Oral care products
Pericare products
Hygiene products
Skincare products
Bathroom safety products
Sitz baths
Neck/back positioning products
Blood pressure monitoring device (manual/digital)
Bath Benches
Transfer Benches
Grab Bars

Incontinent briefs (youth/adult)
Protective underwears
Disposable/re-usable pads
Chair/bed pads
Washcloths (dry/pre moistened)
Catheters/foley catheters
Intermittent catheter kits
Irrigation trays
Foley catheter insertion trays
Catheter drainage bags
Leg bags/leg straps
External catheters
Belly bags
Specimen collection kits
Other accessories available
Supplies include:
Drainage pouches
Urostomy pouches
Ileostomy pouches
Gastrostomy tubes
Pastes/stomahesives etc.
Stomahesives protective powders
Wound Care Products
Gauze bandages
Packing stripes
Dressing sponges
Wound cleaners/gels
Micropore dressings
Self adhesive wraps/dressings
Transparent dressings
Tergaderms / tegarsorbs dressings
Alcohol /betadine pads& swabs
Sure press bandages
Compression bandages/stockings
Tubular support bandages
Hydrogel/hydrocolloid dressings


Watch this video to find out more about our commitment to care!

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